Latest News

Apr 25 - Earth Week Apr.18-21

Ardmore School did our part to save the planet. Litterless Lunch, Recycled crafts, Lights Our Canada & Annual Town Clean...

Apr 13 - 4-H 70's Day

4-H Executive planned a dress-up 70's Day for all the grades to participate with 4-H members earning diary points. We al...

Apr 13 - Kindergarten Open House

Kindergarten Open House Friday, May 13 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Drop in to visit the classroom, tour the school and comp...

Apr 7 - 4-H Hat Day

4-H Executive organized another fun day. We wore our special or craziest hat today.

Mar 24 - Bunny Day

We enjoyed a fun day by dressing as a bunny and having an Easter Egg hunt.

Upcoming Events

Apr 29 - Crazy Hair Day
May 4 - McHappy Day
May 4 - Neon Day
May 5 - Go Girls
May 5 - Watoto Choir Field trip
May 5 - K-2 Mother's Day Spa


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